Thursday, 25 April 2013


At Residential Air Duct Cleaning Lombard we understand the need for you to have clean air in your residence. You will achieve this if you clean your air ducts regularly enough. The air ducts in your home circulate the air that you inhale day in, day out. It has been recommended that you should replace your air ducts every 2 years so that you can improve the quality of air in your home and make your cooling and heating systems more effective.

We can provide you with Home air duct cleaning services to ensure that the environment in which you live in is free from accumulated dust, allergens and pollutants that may cause you and your family members’ lung problems and respiratory health concerns. Through residential duct cleaning, all debris that may have collected in your system will be eliminated by professionals, who have been specifically trained and know the recommended residential Air Duct Cleaners, which are safe and will not leave your home in a worse state than before.

At Residential Air Duct Cleaning Lombard, we shall also provide you with the best Home Air filter Cleaning rivaled by none in the industry. Your home air filter is the gadget that helps you in the filtration of the air that you breathe in. As everyday cleaning, vacuuming  and dusting takes place, and the filter continues its work, sediments of dust, pollen and other harmful stuff  are formed, slowly by slowly, layer by layer. Over time your system gets slowed down, requiring more energy to function, thus costing you highly in utility bills. The effect is not only financial, but also detrimental to the respiratory health of you and others. By working with Residential Air Duct Cleaning Lombard, you will avoid all these predicaments.

We shall also perform Air Duct Maintenance on your Air Ducts. With time, your ducts get old and fall apart. You lose a good percentage of air when your air ducts are not in good working order. You may notice that your utility bills are particularly high in summer and winter, because your system is working particularly hard to keep up with demand; or some rooms in your house won’t just heat up or take very long to, you might also notice very stuffy rooms that feel uncomfortable. Cleaning your Air Ducts and maintaining them will make a difference. Your residence will not only be comfortable to stay in but more importantly, you will conserve energy as well as keep a safe home.

At Residential Air Duct Cleaning Lombard, we not only stay within the home, but also deal in large installations as found in industries. We therefore provide Industrial Duct System Cleaning as our professionals understand that these appliances are heavily used without pause and therefore need constant cleaning and maintenance. When lint clogs your dryer’s vent duct, you will most likely damage it .You will also waste precious energy which needs to be conserved as it will take long time for fabrics to dry because the dryer ducts do not allow moisture to flow out.  Fire which has been discovered to be the highest destroyer of industries can also be caused by lint pile up which catches fire easily.

Through our highly trained professionals, you can rest assured that you will avoid all the above problems once you make up your mind to contact Residential Air Duct Cleaning Lombard.

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