Thursday, 25 April 2013

Indoor Air Quality Westchester

Air Duct Cleaning Westchester ensures that your health is well taken care of by providing you with all-year-round clean air and controlled temperature at your home using our state-of-the-art systems.
We provide our clients with the best advice on how to improve their air cleaning systems and on how often the services of an air duct cleaning company are required. Indoor air quality Westchester services range from; ductwork installation, repair and maintenance of your system, duct cleaning, air quality testing, condenser unit cleaning, HVAC maintenance among others. Our entire business is about ensuring that the indoor air quality in your home is excellent.

Ducts distribute air throughout a house or home and with time, dirt, dust and other contaminants tend to accumulate in the system. Moisture, dust, lint and animal hair particles build up in ducts and end up providing a breeding area for bacteria, dust, mites and mold. These contaminants are distributed throughout your home whenever you use the system and thus, in the end, you end up inhaling stale air full of germs and bacteria. This air can cause serious problems to people suffering from chest problems or those who are asthmatic. It is therefore important to have regular cleaning and maintenance of the system in order to ensure its efficiency and longevity; dirty air ducts force the unit to work harder. Cleaning also prevents airborne pollutants from circulating through the system and removes deposits that may have built-up.

At Air Duct Cleaning Westchester we pride ourselves in providing high quality duct installation services to our customers. If you want to install a duct system at your home or office, or want to replace an old system, our experts will assist you to select an appropriate make or model that best suits your needs.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your system not only prolongs its life and usage but also improves its energy efficiency. Our maintenance services include the inspection of duct leaks and replacing faulty seals. The fixing of leaks helps prevent dirt from entering the system, while cleaning of the duct removes moisture and grime. With regular duct cleaning, forced air is able to flow freely through the system. Other services include; HVAC unit cleaning, air filter cleaning, air filter replacement and air sweep.

Renovation, decoration or any major work you carry out in your home or office is likely to generate dirt and end up interfering with the quality of air in the room. As dust is cleaned, the air ducts fill at a similar rate and thus, dust in the air ventilations then fills the room.

Cleaning the dirt and dust you see on the surface of your office desk or wall does not necessarily mean that the air you breathe clean; with the accumulation of the dirt in the ventilation system, you probably are inhaling dirt itself. Research has shown that dust builds up in vents every month at a rate of about three pounds of dirt and grime.

Get in touch with Air Duct Cleaning Westchester today. Our professional and expert technicians will ensure that what you inhale is nothing but clean fresh air. We are a cut above other Indoor Air Quality Businesses. Call us now and take advantage of our services today.

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