Thursday, 25 April 2013


The air you breathe in may look clean to the bare eye, conversely at Indoor Air Quality Lincolnwood we know that is not the case. The air is filled with so many pollutants like dust and pollen and even gases that are detrimental like Radon and Carbon Monoxide. These two gases formed by incomplete fuel combustion can actually cause death as they inhibit oxygen transportation once they get into your lungs. You cannot detect the presence of these harmful gases by yourself, unless you let us at Indoor Air Quality Lincolnwood perform Air Quality Testing, to ensure that you do not fall victim to these circumstances.

We spend a lot of time at home, especially indoors. When it is hot, we stay indoors to escape the hot sun, and when it is cold, we also stay indoors to keep warm. It is thereby prudent that indoor air quality home is kept clean so that we can avoid problems with our health caused by pollutants.

At Indoor Air Quality Lincolnwood, we specialize in many services that ensure our clients breathe in clean air. These include; Air Quality Testing, Indoor Air Quality Businesses, Condenser Unit Cleaning, HVAC maintenance, UV Cleansers, Air Filter Cleaning and Air Filter replacement just to mention but a few.
We do not only specialize in homes, but our team of highly trained professionals also looks into business premises to ensure high Indoor Air Quality Businesses. Most Businesses see a lot of people working or coming into a small place and it is therefore of utmost importance that such areas are kept fully conditioned to prevent bad odors and spread of air borne diseases. We will ensure your place of business is not only pleasant to be in, but also does not pose a health risk.

We do not limit ourselves to indoor facilities only, but will also have a look at your Condenser Unit Cleaning, which is located outdoors and tends to be forgotten as it is out of sight for most people. What this means for your unit is that it will collect all the dirt from the trees and plants outside thus leading to its blockage. This means reduced efficiency, but when we take care of it will save you money because you will not experience breakdowns.

The work of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and air Conditioning) is to eliminate all impurities in the air and ensure that you breathe in high quality air. We will not only provide HVAC Unit Cleaning but also ensure that the quality of the air you breathe in is not compromised through HVAC maintenance. This will lead to reduced complaints of allergy reactions and ensure dirty air does not take a toll on your kidneys in the long term.

Many people experience reactions and discomforts to their nasal system when they stay in a room with bacterial particles like mold. This mold is encouraged to grow by damp and warm, humid conditions. Once the spores blown in by wind settle in your house, they multiply at an alarming rate. We shall combat mold growth by installing UV (Ultraviolet) Cleansers.

Indoor Air Quality Lincolnwood also ensures that your air filters: which are the devices that help you filter the oxygen you breathe in when at home is clean. Dirt reduces the efficiency and speed at which your air duct system works, resulting in discomfort and lowering the quality of air you breathe in and thus we will eliminate this by organizing Air Filter Cleaning, and if they are worn out and no longer work, we will perform Air Filter replacement and after wards perform an Air Sweep, to leave your home clean and healthy to live in. 

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