Thursday, 25 April 2013

Indoor Air Quality Highland Park

We at Indoor Air Quality Highland Park understand the necessity of having good air quality in your home. We know that if air quality is compromised it can end up being harmful to your health. There are numerous factors that lead to this contamination for example harmful gases like carbon monoxide that come as a result of combustion from your household items like water heaters and stoves being incomplete. It gets to your lungs, inhibit oxygen transportation and can cause death. You therefore need Air Quality Testing to eliminate the pollutants from the air you breathe.

It is for this reason that we are bringing you services that will combat this. We at Indoor Air Quality Highland Park deal with a large range of services like indoor air quality home, indoor air quality business Businesses, Condenser Unit Cleaning, HVAC maintenance, HVAC Unit Cleaning, UV Cleansers, Air Filter Cleaning, Air Filter replacement and Air Sweep. We ensure that the air you inhale at your home is clean from all pollutants. Why? Because we all spend about 90% of our time at home and the need for Indoor air quality at home cannot be emphasized enough.

If you run a business, the risk of air pollutants from toxic gas release from building materials, inadequate fresh air due to the design of the building, unpleasant smells and stench from nearby businesses, the agents used to clean and so many others can cause allergic reactions that are harmful to you. With our special products, we make sure your place of business is a healthy place for you and your customers/clients.

We also clean your Condenser Unit. Since in most cases it is situated outside the building, there are high chances that your Condenser Unit will collect rubble from trees, dust and even grass from lawn mowing that will cause blockage and you will not get any cool air. We therefore ensure that this is cleaned up and your environment sufficiently aired.

At Indoor Air Quality Highland Park, we shall not only clean your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air –Conditioning) system whose main work is to ensure that the indoor air quality that you inhale is excellent, through sufficient aeration with filtration and provide you with thermal comfort, but also go a step further to facilitate maintenance by inspecting the filter as regularly as stipulated to ensure they are not blocked by dirt.
Bacteria and so many other living organisms can cause irritation of your respiratory tract and other illnesses. Organisms like mold, fungus and other bacteria that cause you such discomforts can be stopped through our installation of the UV (Ultraviolet) Cleanser in your home. Once your heating and cooling system isn't housing undesirable organisms that are harmful to you, you will definitely breathe easy.

At Indoor Air Quality Highland Park, we also ensure that your air filters are clean. Air filters are the appliances composed of fibrous materials which eliminate solid particles such as dustpollenmold, and bacteria from the air. When these are clean, then they are not swirling around polluted air. If they are old and worn out, then we shall replace them for you with new efficient systems.
Contact us today at Indoor Air Quality Highland Park and experience the difference in the quality fair you inhale.

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