Thursday, 25 April 2013


We at Air duct cleaning Company Libertyville are an Air Duct Cleaning Company; we are dedicated at ensuring that the air you breathe in is as clean as possible. It has been estimated that indoor air is even more polluted than outdoor air with all the pollution that is happening at our planet today! The air may look clean to the naked eye, but it actually contains so many impurities that in the long run cause lung problems to many people. Air ducts in our homes help to circulate air thus keeping it fresh. However, as the years go by, especially since they are not cleaned every day, air ducts tend to accumulate all sorts of allergens and debris like dust, pollen and fluff from pets like cats and dogs and also from normal day to day activities like cooking and cleaning.

 When you switch on your heating/cooling system, the air that is contaminated circulates all through your house. It is this air that you inhale, and it is not healthy for anyone at all. Molds can also form on your air ducts which may get exposed to moisture and get damp and since they thrive in such warm and humid conditions accelerate its growth. Within no time, they will develop and multiply and devour whatever they are growing on, be it walls, paint, wallpaper and even furnishings thereby causing you great losses as you work to replace them. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that the conditions that facilitated mold growth in the first place are completely eliminated; because mold tends to re-grow .We shall ensure your Air Ducts are properly sealed to avoid moisture coming in.

It has been recommended by Industry Standards that you ensure your air ducts are inspected after 2years and that is where Air duct cleaning Company Libertyville comes in. After we clean your air ducts professionally, there is no doubt that the quality of indoor air in your house will improve. Not only that, but you will reduce your utility bills greatly since you will enhance your system’s performance.

There are some signals to lookout for that will tell you that you need to contact us as your preferred Air Duct Contractor immediately, these include dark, unsightly lines of filtration on your walls, ceiling or carpet that normally surround your Air Ducts, too much dust in your home, air duct covers that are too dirty and unstable temperature variation or restricted air flow in your home. We shall also eliminate other vermin too like rats and other rodents that have been known to make nests in your air ducts as they go undisturbed for long periods of time.

In your quest to have better quality air to breathe in, we know there are quite a number of Air Duct Companies, which claim they can do the job well. However, at Air duct cleaning Company Libertyville will prove to you that it is a cut above the rest. We will clean your supply and return air ducts plus registers, leave your grilles and diffusers spotless, your heat exchangers and heating/cooling coils will be dirt free. We will not forget to give a polish to your fan motor and fan housing, plus the whole air handling unit housing will receive special attention.

With no time, you will notice that your family members will not get those allergic reactions again and respiratory tract health issues will be curbed.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at Air duct cleaning Company Libertyville and do yourself a favor!

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